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Downgrade HTC Flyer 3G TW (HTC__621) to Gingerbread (2021/10/17)

The pain and suffering while downgrading HTC Flyer 3G of Taiwanese region back to android 2.3... Who knew it would be that hard?

Linux on Prestigio Multipad Visconte Quad 3GK (2021/10/13)

This post is dedicated to Prestigio Multipad Visconte Quad 3GK and running linux on it.


First (2021/05/15)

First post on yet another deeg05's website

Followup: Gmail (2021/03/23)

Gmail finally accept mail from my address! What I had to do is get my ip address off of SpamHaus' PBL database, now email gets accepted!

Gmail hates me! (2020/08/20)

So, yesterday, I set up mailbox on my server ( Unlike last time with iRedMail and dynamic IP, russian free mail services (, yandex, except there they land in spam) accept my envelopes. But, GMail for some reason won’t… I deleted my IP address from spamhaus PBL, since my IP address is now static.

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