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Linux on Prestigio Multipad Visconte Quad 3GK

This post is dedicated to Prestigio Multipad Visconte Quad 3GK and running linux on it.



I didn't like performance of Windows 10 on that tablet, so I've decided to install linux-based OS. Choice is rather obvious, Arch. Fast to install and I'm familiar with it plus the additonal AUR "repository".

First boot

After all the necessary packages with GNOME desktop enviroment installed into puny internal storage, it's time to boot into GDM. And being greeted with non-working touchscreen!

First attempt

dmesg | grep silead shows us that it couldn't find firmware. I've found a little repository, onitake/gsl-firmware, to tailor extracted firmware. Now, when we've installed this firmware, touchscreen now appears to be almost working.

Drivers: debug and release

There are two types of drivers: silead_ts and gslx680_ts_acpi. First one being the release driver, closely integrated with kernel itself. Second one is the one we going to use, since we have to guess the correct values and it allows to change them almost on-the-fly through kernel module reinstallation. (blocklist silead_ts though)


I've went for the method of trial and error, since there are no proper specifications for my device on internet. For convenience, LXDE that shows pointer, unlike GNOME, was installed.

Final values supplied to driver:

It works!

If we load in the module somehow, we have perfectly working touch in GNOME!

Post-processing: making the release driver work

Since I've succesfully made something to work, I should share it. gsl-firmware has instructions for it. Essentially, all you have to do is to write values in touchscreen_dmi.c and recompile kernel. (don't forget to mail the patch though)

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