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15.05.2021 - Moved to werc engine instead of php+wordpress. Yet another website restyling.

21.01.2020 - Mobile and Chrome/Webkit fixes. Menu polishment was made.

01.01.2020 (prepared about 24-26 November, 2019) - Absolute rewrite! HTML5 features have been used. Now website uses CSS3 image-border.

Done in three steps:

(All for nothing)

22.12.2018 - Added forum. Still needs few edits. (died with mariadb on old server)

16.12.2018 - Extra fixes, new logo, custom 404, changelog, robots.txt and sitemap.xml (borders are now fine instead of workaround). Lost in rm -r accident.

15.12.2018 - Proudly moved to personal Apache HTTP Server

26.07.2018 - RELOADED redesign (cool border workaround edition)

29.05.2018 - Change of colorscheme to black and green, now made with Dreamweaver CS6.

26.09.2017 - Full redesign made in Adobe GoLive CS3. Moved to byethost in a few months. Inspired by late 90's sites.

unknown.unknown.2016 - Site started. Made in Microsoft Office Word 2007 and hosted on


XMR - 86q7MXXCKwiSHQ6NfLfBK3Cq8RwVKo3zNKRFMrLceKLpX7e1SrDeKofUiRaCkxPmXp4UgGWJYvopHFyqZjeKy1Tx9d2Vhhk

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